Alarm maintenance contracts for customers in Sussex

Competitively priced annual contracts 

Round the clock maintenance service 

At LanGuard Alarms, we offer maintenance and repair services for our contracted customers in Sussex. Whether it is an emergency repair or scheduled maintenance, you can count on our team to resolve any issue with your security system swiftly and effectively. We offer 24/7 alarm maintenance services throughout the year. 
24/7 alarm repair and maintenance 

Our maintenance packages include:

  • Visual inspection of alarm components
  • Testing of detectors and manually operated devices
  • Inspect and test sirens, speakers and signalling equipment
  • Alarm tests
  • Component repair and replacement if necessary
  • Changing access codes

Keeping your property safe at all times

Keep your home and office safe by ensuring your alarms and other security systems are working properly. You can choose a maintenance package that suits your requirements. We also offer maintenance for systems installed by other installers. You can rely on our team of security specialists to be on-hand 24/7, 365 days a year to carry out any alarm tests and inspections. Contact us for any emergency alarm repairs in Sussex. We also offer customer support for all your queries.  

Contact LanGuard Alarms for emergency alarm maintenance services in Sussex. 

Telephone: 01273 561883
Serving locations across Sussex and the surrounding areas.
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